New Massage Club

New Massage Club at Best Face Forward We are offering a limited number of Massage Club Memberships for the massage enthusiast!  Membership benefits include monthly: 60 minute Aroma Luxe Massage 30 minute Infra-red Sauna Session 10% discount on all body care products One Guest per month can join you and receive the same services at […]

Exfoliation, Exfoliation, Exfoliation

  Exfoliation, Exfoliation, Exfoliation A couple of times a year Exfoliation almost sounds like a mantra in the Spa.  In both October and May, the two times of the year we experience real weather changes in the Northwest, the effects of buildup of dead skin cells are most apparent.  This presents in the appearance of […]

Microderm Peels – A Powerful Combination of Two Processes

Microderm Peels – A Powerful Combination of Two Processes IF you feel your skin has lost its youthful glow or just looks dull and ashen, Microderm Peels can really help!  As the skin ages, dead cells (cells that are flat, ugly and void of water) can build up resulting in debris getting trapped under all […]

Gems Hidden in the Epionce Line

  In April we added the Epionce Skin Care Line to our spa product offerings. Our clients who have converted to the line absolutely love it. But … they can’t really put their finger on why they love it. My personal theory is that it makes skin feel like it did before we had any […]

Introducing Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi means “massage” or “rub” in the Hawaiian language. This traditional Hawaiian massage is uniquely healing, its intention is to relax the nervous system, increase circulation, and relieve pain. The method of Lomi Lomi used depends on the therapist, family, region, and/or island and has been handed down for generations. Pressure is applied to […]

New Facial Club

Due to the popularity of our Massage Club, we've been working on structuring a Facial Club program.  Since we have so many facial service offerings, … Read More

Thanksgiving and Turkey Necks

  Believe me, I am Thankful for a multitude of blessings in my life!  But still, because of my profession my thought process association goes like … Read More