New Facial Club

Due to the popularity of our Massage Club, we’ve been working on structuring a Facial Club program.  Since we have so many facial service offerings, we believe we have come up with a program flexible enough to include all our offerings!  Facial Club enrollment is $75 per month which entitles you to $75 towards discounted […]

Thanksgiving and Turkey Necks

  Believe me, I am Thankful for a multitude of blessings in my life!  But still, because of my profession my thought process association goes like this:  November/Thanksgiving/holiday season/gatherings and parties/dressing up/baring neck and decollete/oh my! If you have learned to embrace the increasingly wobbly loose skin of the neck and/or creppy decollete skin (aka […]

Men’s Skin

Epionce, (a company who’s skin care products we stock) sent a flier this month about Men’s Skin.  They had some really good tips that I’m going to pass along to you. Before we get into them, those of you who are my clients know that the metabolism of the epidermis is regulated by Estrogen.  The […]

Products that I Love…

  Products that I Love…    Lotion PG by YonKa What It Is:  Active Toner and Corrector Who It Is For:  Individuals with Combination Skin; Oily Skin; Thick Skin; Sun Damaged Skin; Sallow Skin, Breakouts, Lack of Tone & Elasticity How It Is Used: Spray a fine mist after cleansing;  or to set mineral makeup; to […]

6th Anniversary Specials

      We are celebrating our 6th Anniversary during the full month of April 2013!  Enjoy PROGRESSIVE DISCOUNTS on all our  Skin Care Products including YonKa Paris, Epionce, PCA Skin and Youngblood Cosmetics plus many other product lines. Mix and match to save up to 25% OFF your favorite high quality products, PLUS Schedule […]

New from YonKa!

Meet the Commons

          David and Terri are a husband and wife team of massage therapists, who have just joined the staff at Best Face Forward.  Think of David as the “Maestro of Massage”.  His twenty years of massage in private practice and teaching provide our clients with a plethora of modality choices, from […]

Not Your Mother’s Facial Peel

Not Your Mother’s Facial Peel by Sherie Bruno, LE Remember the episode of Sex in The City where Samantha got a facial peel, and came out with red, blistered skin?  That was the result of a very deep, Old School Glycolic Acid Peel, where the goal was to burn off all the old skin so […]

What to Expect from Massage Therapy

                What to Expect from Massage Therapy by Beth Malouf, LMT I am going to share with you some of the nuts and bolts of how we perform massage at Best Face Forward. If you have received massage therapy before, hopefully your experience was wonderfully relaxing, and you […]


Hyperpigmentation??? Quite often we have clients question our Spa Intake Form, because it asks if hyperpigmentation is a concern to the client.  It simply means spots or patches of skin that are darker than the rest.  There are three ways hyperpigmentation happens on the skin: 1.  Discoloration due to trauma – this is the dark […]