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David and Terri are a husband and wife team of massage therapists, who have just joined the staff at Best Face Forward. 

Think of David as the “Maestro of Massage”.  His twenty years of massage in private practice and teaching provide our clients with a plethora of modality choices, from manual lymphatic drainage to deep tissue and everything in between.  Intensive training in myofascial release has made David an elite sports massage therapist in the Pacific Northwest.

Terri, while also qualified in deep tissue modalities, represents the nurturing side of massage therapy.  Her deep background in herbology and aromatherpy brings a humane quality to her work.  Her work in Pregnancy Massage and sense of body harmony showcase her many talents.

As an introductory offer, visit either David or Terri at our facility to experience a 60 minute massage therapy of your choice, and receive an extra 30 minutes free. (90 minute massage for $65).  This offer is only good until February 28th, so hurry to reserve your time.


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