Quite often we have clients question our Spa Intake Form, because it asks if hyperpigmentation is a concern to the client.  It simply means spots or patches of skin that are darker than the rest.  There are three ways hyperpigmentation happens on the skin:

1.  Discoloration due to trauma – this is the dark spot that remains on the skin after a lesion has healed.  The pustule or cyst caused enough trauma to the surrounding tissues that the melanocytes ruptured and spilled melanin pigment staining the area.

2.  Discoloration due to hormonal imbalances –  this type of hyperpigmentation is called melasma or “pregnancy mask”.  It usually occurs during pregnancy or while on birth control pills.

3.  Brown Spots caused by Sun Damage.  This is the most common type of hyperpigmentation because it affects such a large slice of the population.  It usually starts showing up in the early to mid 30’s and is the result of unprotected exposure to harmful UVA rays when young.  The deep damage of the penetrating type of rays has damaged large patches of skin cells, resulting in stained tissue and a loss of depth.

When I was young, I would wait anxiously for a warm enough day to “work on my tan”.  Now as soon as the cold and rain arrive in the fall, I start to “work on my hyperpigmentation”.

UVA Rays are the damaging, deep-penetrating rays that  can come right through the clouds, and your windshield, and your clothes.  They are why we need to wear sunscreen year round – expecially on the exposed skin of the face and hands.  The reason I wait until fall for hyperpigmentation treatments is because it usually involves turning over the skin, stimulating fresh new cells – which can be more easily damaged if not protected until more robust healing takes place.  The UVA rays are still there, but I’m not outside as much when it’s cold and raining, so it’s the perfect time to be proactive about correction.

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