Not Your Mother’s Facial Peel

Not Your Mother’s Facial Peel by Sherie Bruno, LE Remember the episode of Sex in The City where Samantha got a facial peel, and came out with red, blistered skin?  That was the result of a very deep, Old School Glycolic Acid Peel, where the goal was to burn off all the old skin so […]

What to Expect from Massage Therapy

                What to Expect from Massage Therapy by Beth Malouf, LMT I am going to share with you some of the nuts and bolts of how we perform massage at Best Face Forward. If you have received massage therapy before, hopefully your experience was wonderfully relaxing, and you […]

Wonderful, professional service

This was my first experience with this sort of service. I am extremely pleased. I learned so much about skin care and received excellent care, advice and products. – Alice H. Skin Care Salem, Oregon


Best Face Forward is true to their name, and an awesome spa! I had a makeover using the Youngblood line of cosmetics, and the results were very pretty and felt wonderful on my face. The product I liked the most was the mascara!!!!!!!!!! Excellent, no clumping and goes on so smooth! Made my eyelashes look […]


Hyperpigmentation??? Quite often we have clients question our Spa Intake Form, because it asks if hyperpigmentation is a concern to the client.  It simply means spots or patches of skin that are darker than the rest.  There are three ways hyperpigmentation happens on the skin: 1.  Discoloration due to trauma – this is the dark […]

New Massage Club

New Massage Club at Best Face Forward We are offering a limited number of Massage Club Memberships for the massage enthusiast!  Membership benefits include monthly: 60 minute Aroma Luxe Massage 30 minute Infra-red Sauna Session 10% discount on all body care products One Guest per month can join you and receive the same services at […]

Exfoliation, Exfoliation, Exfoliation

  Exfoliation, Exfoliation, Exfoliation A couple of times a year Exfoliation almost sounds like a mantra in the Spa.  In both October and May, the two times of the year we experience real weather changes in the Northwest, the effects of buildup of dead skin cells are most apparent.  This presents in the appearance of […]

Perfect service

Perfect service- comfortable, fast, good conversation ~ Barbara, Salem Oregon [5 Stars] Waxing Salem Oregon

very pleased

Had electrolysis for the first time. Very impressed. Professional and thorough. Will definately go back. – cindy j. 1 silverton, Oregon

Microderm peel- Skin care

I went in to have a detox treatment on my back and a microderm peel on my face. I enjoyed both treatments and felt like they really helped me. I also purchased some skin care products, Epionce, that I like very much. I felt the prices were reasonable and Sherie gave me very good feedback […]

New Facial Club

Due to the popularity of our Massage Club, we've been working on structuring a Facial Club program.  Since we have so many facial service offerings, … Read More

Thanksgiving and Turkey Necks

  Believe me, I am Thankful for a multitude of blessings in my life!  But still, because of my profession my thought process association goes like … Read More